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Free Internship + Crash Course + Live Classes + Physical Certificate

This program is custom-tailored for those people who have no prior experience of Machine Learning and Python. In this program, we you will learn Machine Learning using python from the basic and go on to master the field of machine learning and data analytics with the aid of Live Learning classes conducted by the expert educators you will also be provided with learning videos which deal with each and every aspect of the skills required to complete the internship.

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Free Machine Learning Internship + Crash Course + Physical Certificate

The machine learning internship with certification program is an 8 week comprehensive internship that tests your machine learning prowess in a module wise and comprehensive manner. Additionally, you will have access to a crash course on ML and python to get up to speed on the concepts before you dive into the internship. You will also receive a completion certification provided by CL Educate and Intel. There will also be a special memento that will be delivered upon completion of the internship.

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Free Internship + Crash Course

This program is for those people who have basic knowledge of Python, and know the basics of Machine Learning algorithms. This program will help learn the advance machine learning skills and brush up on the basic skills to master the fields of data analysis and machine learning.

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